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Nothing needs to be perfect to be good, and no one should need to feel perfect to FeelRyt.

Butterflies are not just remarkable for the beauty they bring into the world, but for the transformation they undergo to bless us with their beauty. This isn’t an easy transition: they must crawl into the darkness of the cocoon, with faith that there is something greater for them on the other side. They must shed their old ways and become something new. Truly, without that process, the butterfly isn’t ready to take flight. Just like a small butterfly, we as humans need struggle to make us strong enough to fly.

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The word “feel ryt” is typically associated with the physical body, by eating & acting ryt —i.e. foods for mind, body & soul is being suggested by our founder and lead nutritionist Vaishali who makes the compelling argument for a much more holistic, additive route.

Change can come in many forms, and smaller changes are often the most powerful. Usually people's diet is inextricably tied to their lifestyles, their thoughts, and their emotions—so we do examine eating habits of people approaching us alongside their behavioral patterns; their lifestyle as a whole to help them FeelRyt. After working in nutrition, health and healing for quite a number of years, we felt we had to foster a new healing path for others that was more expansive and integrative than the traditional approach: So we suggest them to Eat Ryt, Act Ryt, Feel Ryt

Vaishali is passionate about a few things in life journey of the total well-being of the mind, body, and soul is one of the top ones. Works mostly on life, fitness, wellness, and the odd randoms every now and then. Has been instrumental in bringing up physical and mental transformation with the individuals I have worked with.


FeelRyt Packages

Child Nutrition

Age wise assessment

What's the best formula to fuel your child's growth and development as per the age?

Child Obesity Assessment

You want your child to eat healthy foods, but do you know which nutrients are necessary and in what amounts?

Behavior and Food Habits Analysis

Peer pressure and TV commercials for junk food can make getting your kids to eat well an uphill struggle.

Executive Lifestyle

Lifestyle assessment

We know you may not always have the time to think about your health, diet and lifestyle. Let's give us a chance.

Stress level analysis

Don't you find it easy to share your feelings to the your dear ones? We're here to hear.

Food Habits & Likings

Good nutrition is one of the keys to a healthy life. You can improve your health by keeping a balanced diet.

Homemakers Life

Adding Colors to your life

From your food to your walls, the more colors you have, you will get more of their healing powers. Reach us to know more.

Self Development Goals

You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one. Let's collaborate

Stay Fit, FeelRyt

The more physically fit you are the more happiness you spread around you. Just FeelRyt to smile.

Our approach to

Holistic FeelRyt


Mental Wellness

Mental fitness is key for a holistic growth. Professional or personal life has become a major source of stress due to various factors such as job insecurity and uncertainty, long hours, organisational changes, and balancing work & personal obligations. With increasing knowledge sharing on the topic of mental health, companies are taking initiatives to have a stress-free work culture. Team FeelRyt helps you to achieve mental fitness.


Food Management

The body, our emotions, and thoughts are all connected. How we eat is how we live, how we live is how we eat. To sustain our body fitness, the foods to add are colorful, whole, plant-based, non-vegetarian and vegan. We choose what is best for you. Team FeelRyt highlight the importance of protein and phytonutrients; getting a combination of the two throughout the day helps the body to efficiently detox, and run smoothly.


Spiritual Healing

The 7 Systems of Health are based on the seven energy centers of the body, known as chakras in Yoga spirituality, or in Western medical terminology, psycho-neuro-endocrine glands. Each center is related to different organs, emotions, and colors—with correlates across physiology, psychology, lifestyle, and food. Team FeelRyt will help people assess whether one (or many) of their systems may be imbalanced.